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The religious deception ... The fifth primate

biblical Quote:
The third angel sounded, and fell from heaven a great star, blazing like a torch, fell upon the third part of rivers, and water sources.

And the name of the star is Wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood, and many men died of the waters that had become bitter. Revelation 8.10-11

A new sign of the end. The waters become bright. Two news followed on this blog appear today in the world through my eyes. "

The first makes connection to a river in Canada that appeared in last December dyed fluorescent green.

The second refers to a lake in Australia that shines at night with blue .

Comments on these phenomena are at least colorful.
People bathing, acquired in the fluorescence while their bodies remain wet.
This is very important, I say several former NASA engineers have access to those who have much to do with the famous belt of photons, which is changing the DNA of every living being. Are the first steps to climb them tell us.
Not long ago there was a case of some environmentalists over 18 rivers dyed green, is not the case of the river in Canada or the lake in Northern Europe, we hear that a new lake in Australia presents same appearance (fluorescent), here if you have night shots and you can see what we explained in the previous report, this is not caused by the human hand.

The photon belt is a fanciful tale of Paul Otto Hesse, who has no scientific basis. It is simply a lie.

The Canadian river dyed green appeared in December last year is the Goldstream River in which some pranksters threw fluorescein. Fluorescein is a dye soluble yellow color that produces a bright green fluorescent solutions with pH greater 5. When exposed to light, the fluorescence absorbs certain wavelengths and fluoresce. This substance is used in ophthalmology to examine blood vessels in the eye. It is not toxic but if you are allergic to this substance, there may be side effects.

The origin of blue luminescence Gippsand lakes is more curious. It all began in the summer of 2006 when forest fires mercilessly rocked the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia. That fall, torrential rains flooded the area, carrying all the ash and nitrogen compounds from soil to Gippsand lakes. In the summer of 2007 the waters of these lakes were stained green due to the proliferation of algae Synechococcus .

This produced minor health problems to people who were in contact with these waters so in January 2008 recommended that local authorities do not swim in lakes. The growth of these algae was caused by the increase in nitrogenous substances in the water, from the ashes of the fire of 2006. But in the summer of 2008, what happened was that a new species of algae moved to Synechococcus. It was the noctiluca scintillans. This alga has the ability to produce light when in contact with oxygen, something happens when you shake the water (waves, throwing a stone ...). This phenomenon gave rise to so extraordinary could take photos how are you. (Images courtesy of Phil Hart ).

No photon belt, or end of the world. At least for now.

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